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September 21 - October 22, 2019

Jerome Lagarrigue's latest work is the manifestation of an obsession with family. These paintings of his relatives range from literal to figurative and even imagined, spanning generations, cultures, races, and continents. Some are abstract and referenceless, constructed from memory. Others have been plucked from family photographs, in many cases old ones: a tiny photo booth print of his father as a young man, his Harlem raised African American mother standing behind her white Parisian in-laws. 

After deep reflection and engagement with such photos, Lagarrigue calls them “encounters”, he extracts the details that intrigue him the most, enlarges them, reconfigures and recontextualizes them, invents riots of wild color where there had been none. These are his people, the myriad facets of his experience, lifted out of place, time memory. Generations are blurred, context vanishes. With each of these intense, emotionally-charged paintings, Lagarrigue is crafting an alternative narrative of his family's past, present and future: his side of the story.